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What Are Dwarf Race Cars?

Richard Farley is the creator of dwarf race cars, known as the “Lion Clubs.” He is also the creator of Dwarf Car Racing, which has since become a worldwide phenomenon. His street-legal miniature cars are about half the size of real classic race cars. In addition, they are almost perfectly accurate replicas of their classic counterparts. They were built by Farley from the ground up with his own two cars. The Lion Club and Bandit Six. When they won the first-ever World Match Car Championship in 1995, it started a new era in auto racing.

However, Farley did not just create a competitive racing program for auto owners. He also created a niche and is known for it to this day, known as “Dwarf Car Racing.” The reason he created this is because of his love for racing. As a child, he would often watch racehorses and street racing, fascinated by their speed. It would be his desire to duplicate the same things that horse and car owners did to create their famous horse racers.

After building the tiny race cars, Richard Farley set out to create a car racing class. This class of car was not like any that you would find on a circuit. It contained true American Racing Cars and was for drivers who were under four feet tall. This was the perfect solution for many smaller drivers who found it hard to race larger cars. So, they loved the opportunity that they could take their vehicles out on the strip and race competitively.

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Origins Of Dwarf Cars?

One of the main reasons Richard created Dwarf Cars was to help kids learn how to race. Originally, it was difficult to learn because cars were too large for kids to drive safely. Because of his love for racing, Farley wanted to provide a way for kids to get involved in racing. Dwarf cars were designed for kids to get the hang of driving without the dangers that come with larger cars. This was a huge success early on and helped grow the sport among youngsters.

Farley was not satisfied with dwarf car racing but rather wanted to make it into a spectator sport. In order to do this, he needed to perfect the body-building techniques that would allow them to take the beatings of a race. In addition, he also needed to improve his aerodynamics to increase speed. The first attempts failed badly. However, Farley did have a hit when he took a silver crown car to the island pacific racing circuit. It won for the very first time and changed the face of auto racing forever.

Richard Farley’s first dwarf race car was so well made that it won every important contest it was in. This design was not lost on the people who saw it and soon enough they were building even more prototypes. All in an effort to make the sport as popular as possible. In Arizona, where artisans were at the top of their game, the first dwarf cars were manufactured in bulk. Most of them ended up being displayed in race car stores around the country. Some of these have since been restored to their former glory and serve as attractions to those who tour Arizona.

Car Racing, Barcelona, Formula 1, Race Car, Racing Car

How They Became Popular

Richard Farley never realized how big of a hit his little cars had become until he took them to Disneyland. He ended up convincing the folks at this wonderful tourist attraction to mount a massive exhibition detailing all that Arizona has to offer, and it just so happened that Farley’s first dwarf race cars rolled off the assembly line at the very same place where the “Dwarf” name was born. Naturally, this ended up making for a very big story and one that was chronicled in Richard Farley and Mickey Thompson’s best-selling book “You Can Do It!” As you can imagine, it wasn’t long before word spread all over the state and beyond, and there are now places in Arizona where you can go and get involved in all kinds of fun activities while you’re visiting.

While you’re looking over the impressive collection of cars that the world has seen over the years, and while you’re sitting in the passenger seat of your favorite vehicle, you can be sure that you will be able to see minds working and souls being molded. That’s because the people who shape the world around us can see our little tiny cars as much as we can. Now imagine what it must be like to see those cars running around your hometown or to take them for a spin yourself. Wouldn’t you just jump in the driver’s seat and take a spin of your own? Maybe you’d even hold the steering wheel and give it a nice flip or two. Now that’s something worth looking into.