Auto racing which is also known as car racing, motor racing or automobile racing is not something that is new to the world. It is a sporting activity that has been in existence for almost more than 100 years. The first racing event that we remember dates backs to 1867. So most people love to study the history of cars and racing, believe that there must have been small level events even before 1867. However, they did not reach the peak point until the 2000s, when everybody started talking about racing cars and event. Coming to the present scenario, when we speak of racing, the first thing that comes to our mind is ‘Formula 1’. Formula 1 has become so popular that people love to talk some random stuff about Formula 1, just to make sure that they are a part of the present trend. There is one exciting thing that we are going to talk about that is we are attempting to answer the most difficult question: ‘Which is the best F1 race ever’. But before we get to it, we want to make sure that we fall in the same line with the concepts of Formula 1.

F1 Race

Formula One:

Formula One also known as Formula1 or F1 is a racing event. All the automobiles that participate are single-seat, high-end auto mobiles. To qualify as a player in the F1 series, F1 prescribes a set of rules that the players must conform. Only after complying all the rules the player becomes eligible to participate. The events take place under the banner ‘Formula 1 World Championship’ and a series of the first season games were collectively known as Grands Prix.

The organizers of the event follow points system to allocate marks to the participants. There are two sets of points that are marked at the same time. One for driver and the other for the constructor. A lot of leading car companies sponsor for this issue. It is mandatory that the participants follow the norms of the race. If the driver seems to have forgotten the norms or has violated the prescribed rule, he is disqualified from the game. Now that you know a little about the game, let get to the exciting part.

The Best FI Race Ever!

A lot of historic races have happened so far, especially in the F1 series. Almost all of them were scintillating and breathtaking. Thereby it is not possible to place our fingers on one particular race. Since we have given our word, after a lot of analysis we dropped down to a conclusion. So the best F1 race ever is the United States Grand Prix that took place in the year 1982. The event took place at the Long Beach Street Circuit.

The event took place on April 4 in the year 1982 in the Long Beach California. The length of the course was 3.428 km. We must say that the officials who took a note of the events details were also very particular about the weather condition that prevailed on the day of the event. Reports stated that the weather was warm and clear, and the approaching wind speed was 1.8 miles per hour.

The event marked the seventh victory of Niki Lauda in the US championship and 18th overall victory in his racing career. Out the 75.5 lapses that took place in the whole of the event Laudiahould place to the fifth place to get his hands on the trophy. Lagging behind all throughout the race, finally, he pounced high and touched that was earmarked for him. The sprint that the car made in the last few minutes was close to impossible. It is because of the same reason this one race is still dear to the Formula 1 brand and so is the case with us.